Keramas Beach

keramas surfing beach

Do you know about Keramas beach? Have you been to Keramas beach? Do you like to surf on this beach? Keramas beach is the happening beach destination in Bali today especially for surfers. There are many surfers coming to this beach as this beach has the fantastic waves suitable for pro surfers and has been the spot for many major events such as recently ASP 2013 and also Oakley World Pro Junior 2012.

Keramas beach in recent years has developing into surfers paradise with many surfing facilities and amenities added around the beach such as beach club and also accommodation such as private villas and many others on going development.

Beach like Keramas beach is hard to come around with big waves like this it will be the top spot for amny big events in surfing in the near future.

Keramas Villas

villa in keramas

A beach vacation is perfect for everybody who wants to get away from their daily life, who wants to relax and soak some rays. Why spent your days at some park, wating your time in line when you can have a fun day at the beach, swim and do many beach activities. Keramas beach as one of the quieter vacation destination in Bali could offer many things that other destination in Bali lack about.

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About Keramas

about keramas beachKeramas village is located southwest from Gianyar central where this village before was a former court and known for its dancer particularly the operetta "Arja". Keramas village is one of the centers of theather and music in Gianyar regency but lesser known because it located off from tourist path.

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Tips on Bali Tour

tips on bali tour

The island of Bali is so beautiful, full of exotic beauty and completed with modern amenities to make you as a tourist in Bali feel comfortable. Bali is the perfect place to refresh you mind and soul. I you not yet plan your vacation on this coming holiday seasons then why dont you plan your vacation on the island of Bali.

Tips on Bali Tour

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